My name is Karthikeyan Dhanasekaran, Aka [ Kartik ]

I am a UX designer with more than 2 decades of experience in the web & mobile space across verticals like BFSI, Telecom & Networking, Healthcare, Logistics, School District software, etc.. 

Below is the design process I typically follow, and I believe in one size doesn't fit all

  • Workshop - To understand the requirements from the business and define the problems that nto be solved   

  • Research  - Align user needs with the business goal by performing different types of research techniques

  • Conceptualize - Ideas discussing with the cross-functional teams to create idea maps. Whiteboarding sessions etc..

  • Prototype - Pencil Sketches, Wireframes, Rapid Prototyping, Interactive prototypes, Visual Design, UI Pattern library & Design System, etc..

  • User testing - Testing with different stakeholders & re-iterate design.

  • Development Handoff - Design handoff to a development team this can be CSS specs, UI Style Guides & Design Systems 

 Tools Specialized - Adobe CC, Axure RP, Balsamiq, Invision App, Sketch, Mockup Plus, Zeplin, Office suite, Optimal Workshop & Google Survey, Coggle.it, etc